4 Reliable Businesses Online Marketing Management Platforms

For many businesses, managing their online marketing endeavors can be challenging and expensive. Keeping up with online trends so that you can tailor your content accordingly, learning how various channels work, and monitoring the results of each marketing project is overwhelming.  This is probably the main reason why most businesses have a hard time marketing themselves online. Below is a list of the most reliable online marketing management platforms and what they offer:


LocalVox is an online marketing management solution for small businesses, and provides all the essential features; a mobile responsive website, SEO, E-mail marketing, social media integration, and lead capture. They also enable you to monitor your social media reputation, track product reviews and promote your products using gift cards, coupons, and other incentives. You can also control your marketing efforts with their mobile app.


Leadsquared was built to serve B2C clients by bringing as many warm leads to your dashboards as possible. They use a marketing automation system that uses landing pages for lead capture. You can also capture leads through phone calls and send SMS texts using their system. They also facilitate the use of automated drip campaigns, e-mail marketing, and newsletters to contact potential customers. You can use the Leadsquared app to manage your leads, monitor analytics and create reminders. They charge $125 annually.


Perch is a unique mobile app designed exclusively to monitor your competitors’ online marketing efforts. The information on how they are marketing their products will come in handy to help you tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. People use the app to find businesses in their vicinity by category (retail, entertainment among others) and a list of the ones to watch. iOSIos and Android apps also have a search function. It draws marketing information from the major social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and deal sites like LivingSocial and Groupon. Perch gets the business information from FourSquare.


ThriveHive was built to serve the marketing needs of small businesses. They provide customized marketing solutions in broken down tasks for you to implement over time. For an extra fee, they offer a marketing coach to help you set up and run the plan. The platform also provides a mobile responsive search engine optimized website with a blog. Their package includes a free registered domain, web hosting, lead scoring, social media, and e-mail marketing and a contact database. They charge a monthly fee of $29.


With these service providers, you do not have to worry about tracking online social media trends to make a relevant marketing strategy.